product development

- from the idea to the reality -


On the basis of every development is a detailed demand profile of the end product. A precise definition of the ambition is important at the start of development. Together we make a selection of suitable and effective ingredients. Therefore, we use our yearlong experience and our network of partners to determine the optimal solution.


You have a creative idea that you would like to put into practice and looking for a partner to implement it.

Our laboratory gives advice and support in the exact definition of your wishes and their implementing.



We develop recipes according to your ideas. We purchase the desired raw materials and active ingredients and create laboratory samples for you.

You will receive your sample parcel conveniently at home or at your company.



Important is the question of how to fill the product in the end. In choosing the best packaging for your vision, we will be on hand with help and advice.

After detailed examination, we hope for positive feedback. Necessary adjustments are obviously possible.

On request, we can produce a sample batch. Of course, these products will packaged in the original packaging.



and Pilot Project

Our development ends with the release of the laboratory sample.

We recommend a pilot project ahead of the first major production. This is essential to identify and revise problems which interrelate with switching from small laboratory batches to production quantities.


We undertake necessary CPNP announcement and also stability testing, microbial contamination tests and safety reports for your products.

According to the customer's request, we could initiate further tests (e.g. dermatological report) for you.

Kindly let us know your wishes.


Nadine Weber

- Development and production manager -