-For you, we control all processes from planing to shipping-


The valid standards of the cosmetic GMP is the basis of our business.  Our production is subject to specific tests from receipt of the raw materials to the final product. These tests based on customer and manufacturer specifications.

The production of small quantities is not a problem for us.

Our team produces emulsions in the range of 25 to 100 kg and all other products from 25 to 1,000 kg.

For larger quantities, we arrange the production for you and place an order with our partners.  The choice depending on your requirements.

We produce emulsions, lotions, oils, gels, serums, surfactants, scrubs, deodorants and salt mixtures, further products.

Our focus is on flexible production of high-quality products and the ability to quickly adjust batch quantities to customer needs.

Our filling and packaging section fill bottles and jars from 5 to

1,000 ml, as well as buckets, canisters and dispensers.

We offer you a selection of primary packaging materials. But we also fill customer-specific packaging, support you in the design of print data and facilitate printers for labels or for direct printing. As well, front and back labels, as wrap-around and lid labels are possible.

Furthermore, we can upgrade your products with folding boxes, instruction leaflet, spatulas, additional pumps, etc.

Upmarket packaging that requires much manual work is not a problem for us.

All goods receive a customizable batch imprint, if desired also in two lines and with a best-before date.


A final check before dispatch of the goods ensure an error-free delivery. A selection of cartons from corrugated paper is available. Of course, you can also allocate shipping boxes according to your ideas.  Every shipping unit is individual marked, barcodes are possible.

We deliver goods national and international per carrier or parcel service.

We have got experience in shipping to QVC, Channel 21 and DS products, as well as different commissioning warehouses.



Thanks to our partner network, we are able to realize the production of larger quantities and can offer a wide range of filling options. These comprise bottles, jars and dispensers, likewise aluminum and plastic tubes, as well as aerosols and sachets.